“The bullying continued – it went underground and intensified”

Bullying and the Practice of Mindfulness By Wei Shimin Bullying – from the perspective of an ex-school teacher My first year as a school teacher, everyone avoided this girl in my form class. I’d have to admit, she was weird. Her uniform was ill-fitting, her hair looked like she had cut it herself, she was … More “The bullying continued – it went underground and intensified”

Perniagaan Kaya, the “living” story of our society

There was once a very rich business man, who live in a village. He earned from the rents he take from the land he owns. Many of the villagers rents his land for farming and agriculture. The business man would always take care of the villagers. He will loan them money without interest rate, when … More Perniagaan Kaya, the “living” story of our society

Transition & Expansion

Dear Families & Supporters, In the light of the recent event, in addition to the transition and expansion of Forest School Singapore. We are going to launch 2 new local Forest School website together with 1 new local Youth Sports Club website. Coachdarren.co will be converted to become the mother ship website, for recruitment, historical … More Transition & Expansion

History of Education & “National Exam”

What is Education? What is “National Exam”? What is the purpose of education? What are the purpose of national exams? What is the root of the development of education? When did national exam become so important? How many participants of education (directly/indirectly), took time to look at the history of mankind’s journey in learning and development? … More History of Education & “National Exam”