A Forest Poem : The Contrast

Hi ! I am Darren

I hope you enjoy the read


“Land of the modernity, lends herself to the boost pace of time.
Unknowing to her inhabitant, the creeping unsound of their weeping heart.

Land of nature, gives her fruit to those who may come.
Cuddling her inhabitant, with greens and bites, all to make aware that they are alive.

Land of the modernity, takes breathe away pace by pace
Seeping into my veins are the time lost when I trudge away

Land of nature, bring us along to world of imagination
Seasonal sensations blasting on the skin, we are awake and alive.”

– Darren Quek

A craft made by a dear friend in UK, symbolizing a beautiful struggle; her story

The public and societal perception, requires us to write perfect english in our articles, documents and words such that the masses can comprehend. It requires fantastic grammar, vocab, spelling, which I humbly admit to not having them.

But just like a child who doesn’t have that ability to express their emotion and feelings into words, that all can understand. Sometimes, these expression are actually just meant for a few. For those who understand the depth in the poem, you understand the struggle of the journey, and likewise you would understand what Forest School Education means for us here at Forest School Singapore.


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