A Forest Poem : Centris Pickaburg

Hi Im Darren, this is a poem crafted with love and imagination. Centris Pickaburg, the title, will be understood by the imaginatives. The meaning is clear in the writings, I hope. =)

“Findling dews cuddling the leaves

Finding touch of the morning shine

As the beautiful and the ugly binds

By only my imagination and my mind

They are all define.
Why oh why, Oh, Why oh why

Do we bound ourselves by what nay might find
Alive and stocked I feel

For the new dawn of us is found

The connection is laid

The land is acknowledged

The knowledge received

The wisdom realised

The tools on-the-way

The people ready

The forest school rise

Now we are back to the woods, but will our mind be free and dancing with the imaginations. Only we know. ”

– Darren Quek (2016)



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