Dsixth : Double October

We will explore 6 impossible things to believe in, at the start of every week. It developed from an inspiration from the beautiful story of Alice in Wonderland. “Sometimes I believe in as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast”. Believing in our impossibilities, well its something worth exploring, dont you think so? So here, we call the weekly practice and sharing series the “Darren’s 6th aka Dsixth”. Join in the fun, and let loose our mind and control, imagine the space that we wonder.


Double October

  1. The climbing paint, that creeps up the wall everytime we look away.

  2. A tunnel vision, that enters into little holes, even in atomic size

  3. Wires that bundle themselves

  4. A rolling pin that becomes a Darth Maul’s light saber

  5. A 360 degree fan, that blows all the ime

  6. A talking snake, that guides me in the woods.

We live in a world, where criticism comes faster than our mind could wonder. You will find the magical feeling in this practice. Trust me. 

Send your 6 impossibles to us via our facebook pages (Forest School Singapore or Coach Darren) or email us at wired.darrenquek@gmail.com


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