Preview (2017)

Coach Darren LLP will embark on an expansion and shift in our programs in 2017, to focus on Forest School Singapore (FSS). We will be expanding FSS current long-term session from “Forest School Weekend” to “Forest School Weekdays” as well.


Forest School Singapore 2017 Programs

a.) Two 1-day forest school program
(FS Mountain & FS River)

b.) One 2-day forest school program
(FS Star)

c.) One weekend session
(FS Weekend)

d.) One trek session
(FS Community Trek)


We will also implement the Social Pricing Mechanism for all Forest School Singapore programs, this will allow children from all range of the socio-economic status to experience and grow in this Forest School “Village”. (Look out for the article on Social Pricing Mechanism on soon)

We hope to have more communities and individuals come to learn about and apply the forest school ethos into their own communities and schools. It is not just a physical entity, it is a way of learning, development and connection.


Coach Darren LLP will continue its Basketball and Sports programs in the Year 2017. With all the programs move to afternoon slots, to enable the School-going children and athletes to participate in the training sessions after school.

Basketball and Sports 2017 Programs

a.) Basketball group training for children
(Buona Vista Ringers)

b.) Basketball individual training

c.) Physical development training

d.) Football group training for children
(Expansion Team – West Coast Pangolin)