Forest Community Trek

“Mud is our face cream, Slopes are our playground, Scratches our trophy”


Forest Community Trek brings urban living people in Singapore, into the vast vegetated forest of the Singapore Jungles. The trails are ever changing, with vegetation changing every 2 weeks. With close to 300 different routes in Rifle Range Road area alone, the trek will never be completely explored. The trek gives a sense of adventure and refreshing feeling to the hustle and bustle of the City life.

The sessions helps to build a community of nature loving people. We hope to seed everyone, with the awareness and understanding of the beautiful environment which we have in Singapore no matter how muddy or concrete it seems. It also serves as a support program to the Forest School Sessions run from Wednesday to Saturday for children, where by new forest fellowships (You), can experience for yourself and your children how forest school is run here in Forest School Singapore, like a accompanied trial.

Purpose of the FC Trek:
1. Provide a space for anyone who wish to venture into off trail woods to rest.
2. A support program to allow parents to experience how Forest School is like.
3. A “trial” for children, for us to review their suitability and readiness.

You will be led by a leader in the forest school team.

The details are as follow:

Date: Sunday (Dates & Details in Registration Form)
Time: 9.00am-12.00nn
Location: Rifle Range Area (Or Designated Location)
Age Group: 1 years old – 90 years old
Group Size: 12 pax or 4 family
Special: Program is for anyone and everyone
Note: Slots will only be booked after payment is made


*Special Customised Group/Individual Bookings are available on request
(Email to arrange seperately)


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