Forest School Session (Term 2)

The Forest School Singapore schedule for 2017, Term 2 is as shown below. Term 2 begin from 18 April – 24 June 2017


Registration Form (Sign Up)

(All new sign ups are advise to attend the “FS Support” sessions or read through the “Forest School Education Series”before clicking on this link)

You can schedule for sessions that you will be absent due to holiday or travel purposes
(E.g. Events that are pre planned). You will only be paying for the remaining sessions.
– We take term sign up for FS sessions, so the arrangement here is to assist family who has pre-plan holiday or visits arrangement to still register for the term. Priority will be given to regulars.

2 Make up session will be available for every term (For unforseen circumstances)
– Make-Up session will be done, by having sessions from the next term replace by the Make-Up, meaning that you will not need to pay for the sessions for those dates

We do not accept sign ups for one-session in between the term, as it will disrupt the dynamic of the session.
– Trials and one-off session, disrupts the dynamic of the group and environment. It also poses possible safety concerns, if there are a huge group of sign up last min. Hence, any last min sign ups (i.e. 2 days before) may not be successful in joining the FS session.

You may join us at the following FS Support sessions to have a first hand experience
Forest Community Trek
– To allow more people to experience the forest school ways, we have set up two support sessions to give everyone the space to have “trials” or one-off session to experience the Forest School ways, and satisfy your Questions and curiosity about Forest School

– You can look into FC Trek ( to register for a “Trial” like session with us.

Social Pricing Mechanism is available for the programs. Click on S.P.M. (Page) for more info about S.P.M.

Options for Parents

How parents can engage with their children during the session.


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