Coach Germaine Summer Camp


Holidays are coming very soon. With the high demand for Forest School Singapore to do a summer camp, we have put together a range of day-camps in June to let kids have a run at what forest school entails in Singapore.

The camp will be led by Coach Germaine. She is a close comrade for the alternative form of education in Singapore. She worked together with Coach Darren and Coach Darishna in the first ever inclusive camp in Singapore for both typical and atypical children. Her ability to connect with children amazes us all. She has also spent some time working in Pathlight School Singapore. Her heart and spirit are in the right place.

IMG-20160603-WA0003 (2)
Coach Germaine with Coach Darishna during recce. FBT in the forest? hahaha

In CGSC, participants will experience the natural environment together with our lovely coaches. With nature as the teacher, coaches as the facilitators, participants will be given free reign in decision making and play. It is a space to let go, explore and align our inner spirit. We don’t have designated activities in our camp, as it is all initiated by participants of the camp with the resources we can find in our environment and within ourselves.

Who should attend?
Those who wish to digitally detox
Those who wish to connect with environment
Those who wish to connect with themselves
Those who wish to do forest bathing
Those who wish to be mindful
Those who wish to learn about nature
Those who wish to rumble and tumble

The camps happen 9.00am to 12.00noon every day.
Registration Closes 26 May 2017, 2359hr

For more information contact
Coach Germaine
HP: 8161 9957

Updated Camps

For Children Camp (5 to 12 years old)
Group Size (Min 8, Max 12)
Start & End @ Mayfair Park
(Location: Rifle Range Parking)
This is a drop off only camp




2 thoughts on “Coach Germaine Summer Camp

  1. I’m really interested in summer camp for my Daughter. She only starts holiday from 17th June. How Long is each day and do you have further program details you can share?

    What’s the age group? My Daughter is 6.



    1. Hi Sandra, most of the important information are in the table and sign up form. We just updated the age group, and group size details ontop of the Sign Up. =) 6 years old is cool.


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