Perniagaan Kaya, the “living” story of our society

There was once a very rich business man, who live in a village. He earned from the rents he take from the land he owns. Many of the villagers rents his land for farming and agriculture.

The business man would always take care of the villagers. He will loan them money without interest rate, when required, to do their own small businesses. In times of flood and drought he will chip in to help the villagers rebuild their land. He help to make sure that everyone has food and shelter.


The business man has his own cattles and assets. His house and garden didnt require fences or walls. The villagers never looted his assets, even in tough times. They helped each other.

The business man fell sick one day, and was going to die. He passed on his inheritance to his only son. His son, took over from him after he passed on.

The business man son, wasnt like him. The son, was profit driven, and didnt care about how the villagers were doing. He increased the rents and asked the villagers to give their hard earned crops to him as offerings. He will take back the land if they do not oblige.The villagers had a hard time trying to make a living.


During one of the season, drought caused the villagers to lose their crops. They went to the business man son for loans to rebuild their crops. He charged them unreasonable interest rate and set them tight timeline.

The drought has just ended, and the condition was getting better. But the tight timeline and exhobidant interest rate was hard to meet. In the end many of the villagers lost their land and way of life after paying off the debts.


The business man son was rich at that time. Paranoid and afraid that he will lose his riches, he build fences and walls around his property and assets. He dissociated himself from the villagers.

The villagers, growing hungry and angry couldnt take it one day. They went over to the businessman son’s property one night, and looted all his assets. He woke up and fought with them, struggling to hold on to all his property. The businessman son got killed in the midst of the struggle. He was left with nothing at the end of the day, not even his life.




Where are we heading as a community? Where will we be?

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