The child of the barren land

Burning with an abyss of emptiness, the land is filled with nothing. Rugged terrain of burning emptiness. No connection, No elements.

The faceless devil owns this land of emptiness, no creature or beings could live in it. No elements wants to be in it. The devil himself didn’t know why he created it. It just was.

A vanguard of light passed by one day on her way to visit the faceless devil to receive her challenges to grow. She saw the barren land, and felt the torture it carries. For who did she felt it, she doesn’t know. It just was.


On a dark universal night, where no stars shone on the land, a child was born. With a distorted face, of fury, terror and fear, he climbed out of shell of the barren land. Unsightly and ugly, he strikes fear and terror in those he meets eye with.

Seeing the trail left by the vanguard’s light, the barren child followed the trail to earth. There he seek out the element that he could relate to. He sees plenty of fear and terror around, but none showing the emptiness he so seeks to feel consoled on.

Death of a friend, kissed a sign of energy signal so strong, the barren child gravitated to the source. It was him, the element of emptiness. Escaped from his tribe millions of light years ago, with the book of balance in his hand. The element of emptiness is now living as an earthling, living by the name of Elanesse. The barren child waited by his side, for time to come when he could show.


Elanesse was blocked out by the tree of light for days, and joined by the force of air and wind for a week. The barren child could not get a firm grip of him. He so needed him.

The tree of light went away for a moon time, the force of air and wind left to breeze on others land. The moment was riped. The barren child showed up, through a moment of vision. Elanesse, growled on sight of the barren child. They grew aggressive to each other for a light year. The barren child was distraught, he never knew what this is, a human emotion felt only on earth, a feeling. A feeling of desolation.


Where in this universe can he call his own? The barren land? Where is his creator?


The barren child knew nowhere to go, he stood by Elanesse, waiting further for the time to show in flesh. He love Elanesse energy, but it was too dense to latch on. He has to wait for the right moment.

images (1)

The stars came out, ready to welcome the return of the father and his son. The fuel is brought into Elanesse body on this festival night. The fuel of absence. Elanesse fuel himself enough to be absence. It is time.

Latched on with all his fury and terror, the barren child struggle and took over Elanesse. He made love with his emptiness, held his composure in Elanesse. He felt comforted. Elanesse felt the burns from the barren land, the pain, suffering and loneliness. He knew the child needed him to hold his space. And so he held on.

The barren child left Elanesse on the moment the stars left the sky. With a thump and a spin, the barren child, held away, his ugly face contorted away in the stars. His energy is realised.

Elanesse bid goodbye to the barren child. It is time the barren child return to his father and creator. The time will come when the barren child will returned, and in those days, his energy will be what they need to overcome something much denser and greater.


The barren child shines in the star light. Drifting off into the darkness.




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