A Forest Poem : Together

Let magical, mystical, creative, illogical and fun insert carry you to a sleepy dreamy state. Enjoy.

Table and Benches to work on

“Munching on the food in my mouth,
I rattle on with the beautiful thought swirling in my mind
The happy moments of smiles and laughter
That would be possible when I’m with my love ones

Then reality strikes, I look into my empty lunch box,
I wonder, where am I
Why do we go through such varied path in life
That would almost be impossible to share those smiles and laughter

The last mouth of food still crunching through my teeth,
I realize, the connection of the point to the point.
The meaning behind our differences
That would be the most important element to our existence

Journey Together”

– Darren Quek (Sep 2016)

The poem tells into the observation and reflection of the day to day of the poet. His understanding develops from connecting the different realization before the enlightenment. And in the Forest journey, it has to be together, for that is the most important part that will define the Forest Schools in our lands.

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