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“I need to mirror my iPhone to Mac in order to record iOS screen; however, I cannot find the AirPlay icon on Mac, how to fix the problem?” AirPlay makes it easy to stream music and videos from one Apple device to another. Moreover, it just needs a few clicks to record iPhone screen on Mac. However, what can you do when you find that your AirPlay icon is missing on Mac? Here are five solutions you can try.

Part 1: 5 Solutions to Fix AirPlay Not Showing up on Mac

AirPlay lets you do it all. AirPlay lets you share videos, photos, music, and more from Apple devices to your Apple TV, favorite speakers, and popular smart TVs. And what you share always stays personal and private. So sit back and enjoy everything you love — in more places than ever. Watch Dickinson Season 2 on the Apple TV app. Mar 09, 2021 The quickest way to fix untrustedcerttitle errors on Mac is to manually update your date and time settings using the Terminal. After the download has finished on your Mac, run the AirParrot 2 dmg. Now you can extend your Mac desktop or use AirPlay with your Google Chromecast to expand your use of the Google Chromecast.

Solution 1: Check Network

When AirPlay icon is not showing up on Mac, the first thing you should do is to check your network. Make sure that your iPhone and Mac are connecting to the same Wi-Fi.

Solution 2: Restart Devices

There is no AirPlay icon on Mac? Try to restart your computer.

Step 1: Click the Apple icon on the top of the screen.

Step 2: Select the Restart option and wait for your Mac to power off and turn back on.

Step 3: Now, check the AirPlay icon.

Solution 3: Update Software

AirPlay is a part of Mac system. If AirPlay icon is missing on Mac, it is the time to update your software.

Step 1: Connect your Mac machine to a good network.

Step 2: Expand the Apple icon and choose Software Update.

Step 3: Then Mac App Store will open and show you available updates. Agree to Apple agreement and follow onscreen instructions to get it.

Solution 4: Check Firewall Settings

Apple introduced firewall into Mac to protect your data. However, it may block AirPlay sometimes. So, change your firewall settings when AirPlay recorder icon is missing on Mac.

Step 1: Go to System Preferences, choose Security & Privacy, and pick Firewall tab.


Step 2: Click the Firewall Options option and disable Block all incoming connections. Check Automatically allow built-in software to receive incoming connections.

Step 3: Restart your Mac and try AirPlay again.

Solution 5: Turn on AirPlay in Menu Bar

Step 1: If the AirPlay icon is not showing up on Mac, go to System Preferences dialog, and choose Display.

Step 2: Enable Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available.

Step 3: Now, on both iPhone and Mac, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the same network and enable Bluetooth. Now, the AirPlay icon will show up in menu bar if you connect iPhone to Mac.

Part 2: How to Record iPhone Screen on Mac Using AirPlay

Method 1: Reliable Way to Record iPhone Screen

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorders for Mac. After you see AirPlay icon on Mac, it lets you record iOS screen easily.

Main Features of the Best iPhone Screen Recorder for Mac

  • 1. Record iPhone screen on Mac easily.
  • 2. Optimize recording quality automatically.
  • 3. Offer extensive bonus tools, like video editing.

How to Record iPhone Screen via AirPlay on Mac

Step 1: Get iPhone screen recorder

Launch the best iPhone screen recorder for Mac after you installed it to your machine. There is another version for PC. Pick Video Recorder. Mirror iPhone screen to Mac via AirPlay.


Step 2: Record iPhone Screen

Turn on DISPLAY and choose Custom to set the recording area according to iPhone screen. Enable System sound and adjust the volume. To add your face and voice to iPhone screen recording, enable Webcam and Microphone; otherwise, disable them. Click REC button to start recording iPhone screen via AirPlay.

Tip: Advanced users can customize options in Preferences dialog. It can be opened by hitting the Gear icon.

Step 3: Preview and save screen recording

When iPhone screen recording is done, click the Stop button to open the Preview dialog. View the recording and remove redundant frames with the Clip tool. Finally, hit the Save button to save it.

Method 2: Record iPhone Screen Online for Free

Sometimes, it may be not convenient to install software to your Mac. Alternatively, AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder allows you to do it without any software.

Key Features of the Best Free iPhone Screen Recorder for Mac

1. Record iPhone screen on Mac with no installation.

2. Totally free to use without limit.

3. Lightweight and work well in most browsers.

How to Record iPhone Screen via AirPlay for Free

Step 1: Open a browser and visit

Step 2: Mirror iPhone screen to Mac with AirPlay. Then click the Launch Free Recorder button to get the launcher.

Step 3: Turn on Monitor icon and set the recording area according to your iPhone screen. Enable System Sound icon while disable Webcam and Microphone.

Tip: Click the Gear icon to open the Setting dialog and then set the options.

Step 4: Hit the REC button to begin recording iPhone screen via AirPlay. When it finishes, click the Stop button to save it.

Part 3: FAQs of No AirPlay Icon on Mac

How do I enable AirPlay on my Mac?

Make sure your Mac and the other device are connecting to the same network. Go to System Preferences, locate Displays, and your AirPlay has to be enabled here.

Where is the AirPlay icon on Mac?

After AirPlay is enabled, you will see the icon appears on the top menu bar. If you cannot find it, set it in System Preferences dialog.

How do you reset AirPlay on Mac?

When using AirPlay on Mac, you need Apple password. Once you change your password, you have to reset it in AirPlay as well. If it is not working, turn off AirPlay on Mac and turn it on again.


This is a troubleshooting to help you fix the problem that AirPlay is not showing up on Mac. Sometimes, you wish to stream movies to Apple TV or mirror iPhone screen to Mac. AirPlay is the easiest way to get it. Once your AirPlay works, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder can help you capture iOS screen easily. Even if you do not want to install software, AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder can meet your need. If you have more questions, please leave a message below.

As we all know, AirPlay is so amazing technology that enables Apple users to mirror music, photos, podcasts and videos from iOS devices or Mac to any other AirPlay compatible devices like Apple TV throughout your house or office, as long as they are using the same WiFi. However, this great technology is only restricted to Apple users, which is very unfriendly to Windows users. Well, take it easy, now we can use AirPlay on Windows as well. Just check details as below.

Part 1. How to Stream Like Airplay on Windows

Streaming and Mirroring are the two main features of AirPlay. The streaming feature allows you to send music wirelessly from your computer or iOS device to any other devices connected to the same WiFi. As for the Mirroring feature, it enables you to share your iPhone screen or computer screen to another device (TV for example) connected to the same WiFi.

So if you want to use the basic AirPlay feature to share music between AirPlay compatible devices, all you need to do is to download iTunes of Windows version on your computer, then connect your computer and other audio device which you want to stream music to the same WiFi. In this way you can wirelessly share music between different AirPlay compatible devices easily and quickly.

Another method to share music between iOS device and computer is to use Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer - an alternative to iTunes but is superior to it. This iPhone Transfer can not only transfer music files from your iOS devices to your Windows/Mac computer, but also support data transfer of text messages, contacts, pictures, videos, books, PDF and more.

iPhone Transfer

  • Transfer data for iPhone/iPad/iPod safely without data loss.
  • Sync files from iOS device to computer/iTunes/another iOS device in one click
  • Transfer exact files you want directly and flexibly.
  • Break iTunes limits such as limited one-way transfer, failure of managing data, chances of data loss, data loss while syncing, etc. All these limitations can be solved by Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer . Download it to have a try.
Airplay macbook download freeDownload for WinDownload for Mac

To stream any media or mirror screen by using your Windows PC as an AirPlay Receiver, some third-party software can do you a favor.

Step 1. Install the best iPhone transferring application to your computer

Get the iPhone Transfer downloaded on your computer. There is a dedicated version for Mac computer. Double click the installer file and follow the onscreen instructions to install it to your Windows PC. Plug your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Tip: We suggest you to use the original USB cable or the products authenticated by Apple. Third party cords may cause data loss or device damage.

Step 2. Preview iPhone music before transfer

The higher the music quality, the larger the file is. If you want to add a lot of music to your iPhone, make sure there is enough space on your iPhone. To delete unwanted songs on iPhone and free up space, click the name of your iPhone, go to the 'Music' tab. Here you can select unwanted songs and click the 'Delete' button with a trash can icon.

Note: To avoid data loss, you'd better back up iPhone music to computer before delete and transfer. Select all songs on the Music tab, right click and select 'Export to PC'. On the popup dialog, pick a destination to save the songs on iPhone. Then they will be stored to your computer in original format and quality.

Step 3. Transfer music from computer to iPhone

Next, click the 'Add' button and locate to the destination that stores the music you want to listen to on iPhone, select them and add to iPhone. Wait for the process to complete, quit iPhone Transfer and remove iPhone 7 from your computer. Now you can enjoy your favorite songs on iPhone at any time.

Note: Unlike iTunes, iPhone Transfer will not cover existing music on iPhone if you do not delete them manually. Another benefit is that iPhone Transfer supports two-way syncing. It means that you can transfer music from computer to iPhone and back up songs from iPhone to computer with one application. Plus, you do not need to put music to iTunes library before transfer to iPhone. That is more convenient. You can find the answer about what if I can't add music to iPhone here.

Part 2. Airplay Streaming Software for Windows

1: Airfoil

With Airfoil, any audio on your PC can be heard throughout your house. Airfoil for Windows makes it possible to stream any media from your computer all around your network. For example, you are able to send music or any audio to Apple TV, HomePod, Google Chromecast, Bluetooth speakers, and even Android or iOS devices, as well as other computers.You can use the free trial version to experience its functions and purchase the full version with $29.

2. TuneBlade

TuneBlade is another good AirPlay alternative that can stream Windows system-wide audio to AirPlay receivers. It enables you to stream Windows system audio to AirPort Express, Apple TV, AirPlay enabled speakers and HiFi receivers, and to AirPlay audio receiving applications. It’s possible to stream audio to multiple AirPlay receivers simultaneously to enjoy multi-room audio in perfect sync. Moreover, the audio quality will not be compressed at all.

There is a free version of this AirPlay alternative for Windows available. But if you want to enjoy its complete features, you need to upgrade to the full version with only $9.99.

Download Airplay For Macbook Pro

Part 3. AirPlay Mirroring Software for Windows

1: Airfoil

AirServer is an all-in-one screen mirroring receiver. It’s the world’s first 4K UHD mirroring service that can receive AirPlay + Google Cast + Miracast at the same time. You can mirror or cast your screen from any AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast compatible device such as an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows computer, Android or Chromebook. This AirPlay alternative is more suitable to be used in classrooms or meeting rooms. What’s more, the most unique feature of this AirServer lies in that, it is able to stream more than one device to your receiver. Actually it can receive 8+ simultaneous on-screen mirroring connections in full 1080p. Game players will definitely love this tool because they can stream game footage from mobile device to Windows screen and use AirServer to record every amazing game moments.

Airplay Download Mac Os X

2. AirParrot 2

AirParrot brings high-quality mirroring feature to your Windows PC. You are able to mirror Windows screen to receivers like Apple TV, Chromecast and Reflector 2. AirParrot enables you to use AirPaly to beam Windows media to a bigger screen. Just install and run AirParror on your Windows PC and select the media file and begin watching on your TV. You can even control playback remotely. It is able to stream media files in 5.1 surround sound without any quality loss. AirParrot allows you to mirror your Windows screen to your TV while you still can do something else on your Windows PC. This unique feature makes AirParrot different from other AirPlay software for Windows.You can own this AirPlay for Windows at the least cost of $12.99.

How Do I Download Airplay On My Mac

What’s more, you can also remotely control AirParrot 2 with your iPhone or iPad by installing a brand new app AirParrot Remote on your iOS devices. With which you can easily control what’s being mirrored or streamed from your Windows computer to Apple TV or other devices. That is to say, you can control your computer and more devices from anywhere in your room.

the software introduced above, Windows users can easily enjoy the full AirPlay features (even better) on your Windows PC easily. Whether you want to stream media or mirror screen with AirPaly for Windows, you can achieve your purpose with the tools mentioned above. Pick one to have a try!

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