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Hi everyone,

  1. Boot Camp Assistant Windows 8.1 Download Free
  2. Boot Camp Assistant Windows 8.1 Download 64-bit
  3. Boot Camp Assistant Windows 8.1 Download 8 1 Download

I have been struggling to install Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit version through Boot Camp on my MacBook Air 13 inch mid-2012 for a few days and I have finally decided to give up and write this thread to see if anyone has encountered the same problems as I have and if they've found a solution.

Application: Boot Camp Assistant, version 6.1.0 (6067.60.1) Introduction. In macOS, Boot Camp Assistant (Finder → Applications → Utilities → Boot Camp Assistant) has the ability to create bootable USB disks for installing Windows in Boot Camp on a Mac computer. Open Boot Camp Assistant, which is in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder. From the menu bar at the top of your screen, choose Action Download Windows Support Software, then choose your USB flash drive as the save destination. When the download completes, quit Boot Camp Assistant. Install Windows 8.1 On Mac Boot Camp Mac.

What I've tried so far:


BootCamp Drivers – Direct Download of BootCampESD.pkg for Macs to Run Windows 7 or Windows 8 Do you find that BootCamp assistant download is stuck or or fails or could not continue? The brute force solution: it's a darned large download, so physically take your machine to somewhere with a very fast internet connection that can download 600MB. Install Windows on your Mac. Boot Camp is a utility that comes with your Mac and lets you switch between macOS and Windows. Download your copy of Windows 10, then let Boot Camp Assistant walk you through the installation steps for Intel-based Macs. Install Windows 10 with Boot Camp Drivers on Old MacBook and MacBook Pro without Boot Camp Assistant. Here's one using Windows: Download the. For Windows 8/8.1).

1. First attempt

a. Download the ISO from Microsoft (We are a Microsoft Partner and have access to internal use licences of Windows 8.1).

b. Use the Boot Camp utility to create a bootable USB drive, download the latest Boot Camp drivers and partition my SSD drive.

Issue: Upon rebooting, I got the 'No bootable device found' error message. I still tried to boot on the USB drive, which I was able to, but when installing Windows, I was unable to format the partition created by the Boot Camp utility as it contained a 'MBR partition table' instead of a GPT.

2. Second attempt


a. I searched the Internet about the error message about the MBR partition table.

b. The solution I found was to format the partition created by the Boot Camp utility as 'Free space'.

c. I was then able to start Windows installation by formatting the partition I wanted to allot it to through the Windows installation process.

Issue: The installation went smoothly until my computer rebooted the first time and the 'Peripherals preparation' step (sorry about the approximate translation, I'm used to the French version of it) got stuck at 10% and was brutally followed by a black screen. Forcing the computer to restart would show the Windows logo and go straight back to the black screen situation...

3. Third attempt

a. I decided to create a bootable Windows installation USB drive using UNetBootin utility and creating a 'Free space' partition through Disk Utility on which to install Windows.

Boot camp assistant windows 8.1 download8 1 download

b. I then booted on the USB Drive and was able to install Windows properly.

c. I donwloaded the set of Boot Camp drivers through Apple's wesbsite corresponding to my MacBook Air model.

Boot Camp Assistant Windows 8.1 Download Free


Issue: Somehow, the graphics driver installed by Boot Camp made my system crash as I got a black screen when it tried to install. Even without doing anything and having Windows try to install the right driver by itself, I got a black screen and an unusable installation of Windows 8.1.

Boot Camp Assistant Windows 8.1 Download 64-bit

Boot camp assistant windows 8.1 download free

What am I missing here? Why isn't the Boot Camp utility working when it should be so easy? Is there a compatibility issue of my graphics driver (Intel HD Graphics 4000) with Windows running under Boot Camp?

Thanks in advance for your help. I'm in desperate need of a solution as I don't want to go back to using virtualisation softwares such as Parallels Desktop, VMWare, etc. though they work just fine...

Best regards,


MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2012), OS X Yosemite (10.10.2)

Boot Camp Assistant Windows 8.1 Download 8 1 Download

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