Cannot Install Mac Os X Lion

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Why Can't I Reinstall Mac Os X Lion

i have a MID 2011 Desktop . as iam not a that much relevant in MAC as i work in windows. i lost my mac osx CD. so now iam trying to install lion via internet recovery booting with Command-Option-R at the chime. it started to download via internet recovery. But could not finish it. if its finish it not automatically restarting and installing .i had clearly wipe HDD. Deleted the old partition and created new one (error Code:
Download token has timed out attempting reauthorization./
Chunk validation failed, retrying
... i had attached log file also..please help me out..
View attachment Installer Log 16-Jul-2016 (2).txt
Cannot Install Mac Os X Lion

Then, using Disk Utility within the Internet Recovery tools, partition and format the drive, then install a copy of OS X Mountain Lion. Lastly, if you’re still having issues, a secondary USB. I have downloaded the MAC OS X Lion from pirate bay and I also have formated my MacBook 13' by erasing the disk throught Disk Utilities. But before that, I have created the boot DVD from the extracted file 'InstallESD.dmg'. “This copy of the Install OS X Mavericks application can’t be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading” The reason why this insane message is happening is because as of February 2016, the security certificates that validate these Mac OS X installs seems to have expired.

MacCannot Install Mac Os X Lion

Cannot Install Mac Os X Lion X

Cannot install mac os x lion os

Can't Install Mac Os X Lion

  1. I’m trying to install Mac OS X Lion after accidentally having erased my disk in order to reboot my iMac, which I did without backing it up. On a separate USB drive, I formatted and installed a Lion DMG file in order to reinstall the software back onto my computer, which currently starts up recovery mode because of my missing OS.
  2. With the release of the OS X Lion operating system for Mac computers, Apple ceased traditional distribution of physical retail discs and instead offered the OS as a download via the Mac App Store. This has left users with many questions regarding performing installation and reinstallation tasks that would have, in the past, required the.
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