BVR: Together

“Ringers on 3. 1,2,3…. Ringers”. With the end of the final team cheer of the year. We end Ringers 2016 basketball training season. And prepare for 2017 training season. It has been a pleasure coaching and training with this bunch of amazing players. They show me what true sportsmanship and resilience means. They also show me what sports truely means, in fun and enjoyment, thats where true learning happens. When a player is self-motivated, anything is possible.  I have a few personal words for the players, at the end of training.

To N (the senior captain), being the pioneer batch of players who came in last year, you have shown great leadership for everyone, always watching out for everyone, even though you wanted to play and fool around very much. You have sacrifice your desire, to be a better leader for the team. Thank you N.

To B (the diligent one), you have been the most attentive player of all. Almost everytime attention is required to signal readiness, you are the first one to step up. Your diligence is absolutely amazing. I salute you for that B. Thank you B.


To H (the strong), I always remember the training, when you bruise your leg, but stood bravely, and continue to train with the team, even though i asked you if you want to rest. Your endurance for pain is amazing for a young 9 year old. Not only that, you are like the co-leader of the team, regardless whether you are appointed the leader. That is true leadership. It is in your blood. Thank you H for inspiring myself and the team.

To L (the perfectionist), being one of the youngest in the team is not easy. But a drive for perfection always makes you show so much emotions. When your physical body is ready, coupled with the drive, you will realise your full potential. Your potential for leadership is one of the highest around, because you have a high standard, to will drive and inspire the team in future. Your are BVR’s future Point Guard. Thank you L.

To J (the wizard), you are the one who has grown the most inside throughout the whole year. From a quiet and passive player, to one who would express your displeasure and make decision for the team. Your tenure as the captain for the team, really made a big difference for you. You are also one with high standard, not willing to share your thoughts until you get everyone attention. Your awareness level is very high. I hope to hear you express even more in future. Thank you J

To T (the talent), as the youngest player in the team, you have shown great physical potential to be the best player in the team. Your ability to constantly handle the ball hitting your face, and not wimp or whine really shows your impressive character. I am always amaze at your physical skill level. You will do well in any sports because of the natural gift of physical talent, but most importantly the great character. Thank you T.

To A (the bubbly), one who has never shown anger or aggression, throughout the whole year. You are the bubbly and giggly player in the team. Always looking to cheer and make fun of any situation. Your presence help to mellow some tense conflict among the team many times. You are also the best and most consistent shooter in the team. Its always a joy to see you score, the face of accomplishment is like no other. Thank you A.

To Z (the deer), as the physically tallest and longest player in the team you are more apt then the rest in carrying out lots of the physical skills being imparted. But whats more impressive is your beautiful character. You always express your emotions in a kind and un-aggressive way. Even when it is utterly frustrating. Im in awe of that inner process that goes through you. Shows alot about your character. Thank you Z.