Coach Darren

 Darren Quek aka “Coach Darren”



  • Darren has accumulated more than 9000 hours in enrichment programs for various educational establishments, ranging from the Singapore American School, private pre-schools, student care centres, and local community clubs (focusing mainly on children’s physical and mental development).
  • He spent two years (2013-2014) as Head of Fiitercise (Sports and Physical Development) Division at Nurture Education Group, where he led a total of 70 coaches in providing the Fiitercise program to 12 schools. This received commendations from clients and staff for its structure and cohesiveness.
  • Darren’s range of coaching clients spans children from two to 14 years old, to young adults from 15 years of age, right up to adults of 35 or more. He conducts programs such as pre-school sports sessions, primary school sports sessions, basketball group training, individual basketball training, football training, general physical training, forest trekking, children’s camps, youth camps, corporate team building events, and corporate children’s workshops. Darren​ ​has​ ​a​ ​deep​ ​understanding​ ​of​ ​children​ ​and​ ​is​ ​skilled​ ​in​ ​managing​ ​group dynamics.



  • Darren has over 1,000 hours of outdoor jungle trekking experience, including in the parks and wildernesses of Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia.
  • He has led groups of Junior College students and teachers on multiple attempts to scale the highest mountain in the eastern range of the Himalayas during expeditions to Vietnam.
  • Darren has organized more than ten children’s camps. These always make an impact on the participants beyond fun and enjoyment – there is always an element of empowerment that the children take home with them. He has also run overnight camps for primary school children aged six to twelve years old, and a combined graduation camp for six year olds from seven separate preschools from around Singapore. In addition, Darren is the co-leader of the first ever all-inclusive camp in Singapore in which children from all backgrounds and educational levels come together to enjoy themselves and be empowered. Darren has a deep understanding of children and is skilled in managing group dynamics.

Human Resource

  • Darren graduated from the University of London, with a Bachelor of Science in Management (3rd class Honours). He acquired many human management and talent development skills during his university studies.
  • He spent two years (2012-2013) as Head of the Human Resource Department of the Fiitercise Division in Nurture Education Group.
  • Darren started the Wired Career Consultancy unit, an avenue for young adults to consult so as to make clear career decisions. In the process, he formulated various HR and recruitment systems for SMEs in the education industry.


  • Darren volunteered for many organizations in his 14 years of service to humanitarian causes. This included providing care for the elderly (Moral Welfare Home Ren Ci Hospital), and participating in a Youth Mentorship program in a social service centre as an elder brother figure to Youth at Risk.
  • Darren has also attempted to adopt two schools in Bihar, India under the Project “A Little Bit of Heart” to help children achieve their dreams.
  • He has taken up leadership roles in several organizations, including President of the Clementi Town Secondary School Alumni Society and member of the Executive Committee of the Fen Yang Guo Clan Association.