Coach Shawn Choo

Story of Coach Shawn

Coach Shawn started the Enoble Sports Team Management after spending the last 10 years in coaching basketball through different local and international clubs and teams. He grew from a fresh in-experience school team coach, to becoming an assistant coach in the National Youth Team, and gradually going into the international school realm. But what made the biggest impact on Shawn was his family. After having 4 kids with his wife, he began to appreciate and understand the psychology and emotional development of children at a much deeper level. The growth and learning from his parenting journey took him to where he is at now as a coach. Now he focus alot on enjoyment and learning through fun and games then the age old drills and repetition, especially for children below 7-8 years old. Want to get to know Coach Shawn more?


Historic Record


Combined School Team (Primary)
Representing Singapore to play against Malaysia state teams in Malaysia

1989 -1992
Jurong Secondary School, Basketball Team
Team Captain 1990, 1992

Combined School Team
Representing Singapore to play against Taiwan Teams in Taiwan

1993 – 1994
Hwa Chong Junior College, Captain 1994
A Division Champion 1994
National Youth Team

1997 – 2001
Nanyang Technological University
Bachelor in Engineering (Electrical and Electronic)


2008 – 2013
Basketball Coach for local schools
Jurong Junior College 2008 – 2013
Hwa Chong institution 2011 – 2013
Hong Kah Secondary 2010 – 2013
National Youth U16, Assistant Coach, 2010 – 2011

2015 – 2016
APSM Pte Ltd
Basketball coaching for international schools like UWC dover, Tanglin Trust and Canadian school

2017 – Now
Ennoble Team Sports Management
Based in Dulwich
Youth Sports Development Coaching


2001 – 2002
FTD Solutions PTE LTd
Application Engineers
Supporting embedded software development platforms

2003 – 2011
Weslab Pte Ltd
Service provider for open source software development and training