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If your Mac starts up from its internal hard drive, DiskWarrior can't dismount the drive in order to repair it. So you must start up your Mac from the DiskWarrior DVD:

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  1. Insert the DiskWarrior DVD into your Mac and wait for the disc to appear on your Desktop.
  2. Choose 'Restart' from the Apple Menu.
  3. After the screen goes blank, hold down the 'C' key until the Apple logo appears on the screen. The 'C' must be pressed before the end of the startup 'chime.'
  4. Wait 5-10 minutes for your Mac to start from the DVD. Starting Mac OS X from a DVD is a lot slower than from the internal hard drive.
  5. Click the 'Agree' button on when the DiskWarrior license window appears.



Some newer Macs with wireless keyboards have timing issues when starting up from any DVD. Instead of pressing the 'C' key immediately upon start up (step 3 above), press the 'Option' key. This will bring up the Startup Manager which will allow you to choose the DVD as a startup disk. If your wireless mouse is not working in the Startup Manager, use the right- or left-arrow keys to choose the DVD, and then press the 'Return' key to continue starting up.

If your Mac fails to start up from the DiskWarrior DVD, it's likely the version of Mac OS X on the DVD does not support your newer Mac. In that case, you should contact Alsoft Sales to order an updated DVD.

Diskwarrior mac gratis download

Diskwarrior Mac Gratis Download

290,499 downloadsUpdated: October 4, 2018Commercialware

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A powerful and versatile utility specially to help you recover files and data from failing or damaged directories with just a click of a mouse button

DiskWarrior is a handy and useful Mac OS X application that promises to help your recover files and restore your computer to its working state.

Diskwarrior Mac Torrent

User-friendly interface

Thanks to DiskWarrior you can safely recover files such as photos, music or videos from your corrupted hard disk and rebuild the damaged directory. Hence, you can use DiskWarrior to eliminate directory damage and securely recover your files, documents and folders.


The advanced technology behind DiskWarrior is capable to recover precious data even from failing hard drives with just a press of a button. By using DiskWarrior, you can fix problems encountered by your Mac such as “Keys out of order” and “Invalid node structure.

Disk directory repair

The great power of DiskWarrior consists in its ability to quickly build a replacement directory using data recovered from the original directory. In other words, the state-of-the-art technology featured by DiskWarrior is capable to recover files, data and folders in the most effective way.

After selecting the source disk from within the main window of the app you can allow DiskWarrior to scavenge your original directory and collect as much data as possible. Consequently, all collected that is used to successfully build an entirely new replacement directory.

Advanced recovery technology

The patent-pending method ensures the quality of the recovered data and enables you to enjoy a perfectly rebuild directory that stores all your files and folder data without any errors.

Disk maintenance

Although DiskWarrior is mainly used to fix disk problems, you can use it for regular maintenance as well. Thus, you can run DiskWarrior to optimize your directory, detect upcoming problems and even speed up your Mac’s startup time and file access.

From the Files tab you can check files for corruption and rebuild permission on startup volumes, an option that is also provided by the Disk Utility app. The Hardware tab allows you to check the S.M.A.R.T status of all your hard disks and enable the automatic diagnostics mode. As follows, you can detect various problems that could lead to disk failure.

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DiskWarrior was reviewed by George Popescu
  • A G3 Mac or better (such as a G4, G5 or any Intel processor) with built-in FireWire.
  • A minimum 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended).
  • The computer must also have the latest firmware updates installed.
  • The disk to be rebuilt must be locally connected and must not be write protected.
DiskwarriorNew in DiskWarrior 5.0:
  • New features:
  • 64-Bit - Today's large disks can have large directories. Using the latest 64-bit technology allows DiskWarrior 5 to handle even the largest disks.
  • Ships on a bootable flash drive to repair your startup disk
  • Flash drives start up much faster than DVDs and can be updated as needed.
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DiskWarrior 5.2

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