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If you need to use a different operating system and/or Docker version. Download the correct Docker package for your needs, plus any dependencies,. To view both running and stopped containers, pass it the -a switch. Docker container ls -a CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 79ab8e16d567 centos '/bin/bash' 22 minutes ago Up 22 minutes ecstaticardinghelli c55680af670c centos '/bin/bash' 30 minutes ago Exited (0) 30 minutes ago modesthawking c6a147d1bc8a hello-world '/hello' 20 hours ago Exited (0) 20 hours ago sleepy.

TensorFlow Release Notes

Docker ps stuck docker install also just hangs docker ps hangs forever was the first symptom so I purged docker and tried to reinstall. The install never finishes dpkg -l grep docker iF docker-ce 5:19.03.83-0ubuntu-bionic amd64 Do.

Docker Engine 19.03 Download

These release notes describe the key features, software enhancements and improvements, known issues, and how to run this container for the 21.09 and earlier releases. The TensorFlow framework can be used for education, research, and for product usage within your products; specifically, speech, voice, and sound recognition, information retrieval, and image recognition and classification. Furthermore, the TensorFlow framework can also be used for text-based applications, such as detection of fraud and threats, analyzing time series data to extract statistics, and video detection, such as motion and real time threat detection in gaming, security, etc. The TensorFlow container is released monthly to provide you with the latest NVIDIA deep learning software libraries and GitHub code contributions that have been sent upstream; which are all tested, tuned, and optimized.

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To see a single view of the supported software and specific versions that come packaged with the frameworks based on the container image, see the Frameworks Support Matrix.

Loki officially supports a Docker plugin that will read logs from Dockercontainers and ship them to Loki. The plugin can be configured to send the logsto a private Loki instance or Grafana Cloud.


Docker plugins are not yet supported on Windows; see theDocker Engine managed plugin system documentation for more information.

Docker 19.03 Download Windows 10

Documentation on configuring the Loki Docker Driver can be found on theconfiguration page.

If you have any questions or issues using the Docker plugin feel free to open an issue in this repository.


The Docker plugin must be installed on each Docker host that will be runningcontainers you want to collect logs from.

Run the following command to install the plugin:

To check installed plugins, use the docker plugin ls command. Plugins thathave started successfully are listed as enabled:

Once the plugin is installed it can be configured.


The upgrade process involves disabling the existing plugin, upgrading, thenre-enabling and restarting Docker:


To cleanly uninstall the plugin, disable and remove it:

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