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Docker uses containers tocreate virtual environments that isolate a TensorFlow installation from the restof the system. TensorFlow programs are run within this virtual environment thatcan share resources with its host machine (access directories, use the GPU,connect to the Internet, etc.). TheTensorFlow Docker images are tested for each release.

Business Computer Skills offers Docker training classes in Buffalo, NY at the following location: Buffalo Training Center. 300 International Drive. Buffalo, NY 14221. Whether you want to learn Docker basics or earn a Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification we have the right course for you. Docker build is the Docker engine command that consumes a Dockerfile and triggers the image creation process. This topic will show you how to use Dockerfiles with Windows containers, understand their basic syntax, and what the most common Dockerfile instructions are.

Docker is the easiest way to enable TensorFlow GPU support on Linux since only theNVIDIA® GPU driver is required on the host machine (the NVIDIA® CUDA® Toolkit does not need tobe installed).

TensorFlow Docker requirements

  1. Install Docker onyour local host machine.
  2. For GPU support on Linux, install NVIDIA Docker support.
    • Take note of your Docker version with docker -v. Versions earlier than 19.03 require nvidia-docker2 and the --runtime=nvidia flag. On versions including and after 19.03, you will use the nvidia-container-toolkit package and the --gpus all flag. Both options are documented on the page linked above.
Note: To run the docker command without sudo, create the docker group andadd your user. For details, see thepost-installation steps for Linux.Windows

Download a TensorFlow Docker image

The official TensorFlow Docker images are located in the tensorflow/tensorflow Docker Hub repository. Image releases are tagged using the following format:

latestThe latest release of TensorFlow CPU binary image. Default.
nightlyNightly builds of the TensorFlow image. (Unstable.)
versionSpecify the version of the TensorFlow binary image, for example: 2.1.0
develNightly builds of a TensorFlow master development environment. Includes TensorFlow source code.
custom-opSpecial experimental image for developing TF custom ops. More info here.

Each base tag has variants that add or change functionality:

Tag VariantsDescription
tag-gpuThe specified tag release with GPU support. (See below)
tag-jupyterThe specified tag release with Jupyter (includes TensorFlow tutorial notebooks)

You can use multiple variants at once. For example, the following downloadsTensorFlow release images to your machine:

Start a TensorFlow Docker container

To start a TensorFlow-configured container, use the following command form:

For details, see the docker run reference.

Examples using CPU-only images

Let's verify the TensorFlow installation using the latest tagged image. Dockerdownloads a new TensorFlow image the first time it is run:

Success: TensorFlow is now installed. Read the tutorials to get started.

Let's demonstrate some more TensorFlow Docker recipes. Start a bash shellsession within a TensorFlow-configured container:

Within the container, you can start a python session and import TensorFlow.

To run a TensorFlow program developed on the host machine within a container,mount the host directory and change the container's working directory(-v hostDir:containerDir -w workDir):

Permission issues can arise when files created within a container are exposed tothe host. It's usually best to edit files on the host system.

Start a Jupyter Notebook server usingTensorFlow's nightly build:

Follow the instructions and open the URL in your host web browser:


GPU support

Docker is the easiest way to run TensorFlow on a GPU since the host machineonly requires the NVIDIA® driver (the NVIDIA® CUDA® Toolkit is not required).

Docker For Windows 10

Install the Nvidia Container Toolkit to add NVIDIA® GPU support to Docker. nvidia-container-runtime is onlyavailable for Linux. See the nvidia-container-runtimeplatform support FAQ for details.

Check if a GPU is available:

Verify your nvidia-docker installation:

Note:Dockernvidia-docker v2 uses --runtime=nvidia instead of --gpus all. nvidia-docker v1 uses the nvidia-docker alias, rather than the --runtime=nvidia or --gpus all command line flags.

Examples using GPU-enabled images

Download and run a GPU-enabled TensorFlow image (may take a few minutes):

It can take a while to set up the GPU-enabled image. If repeatedly runningGPU-based scripts, you can use docker exec to reuse a container.

Use the latest TensorFlow GPU image to start a bash shell session in the container:

Success: TensorFlow is now installed. Read the tutorials to getstarted.Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Docker For Windows Install

Docker Enterprise Edition for Windows Server (Docker EE) enables nativeDocker containers on Windows Server. Windows Server 2016 and later versions are supported. The Docker EE installation packageincludes everything you need to run Docker on Windows Server.This topic describes pre-install considerations, and how to download andinstall Docker EE.

Docker for windows free download

Release notes

You can get release notes for all versions here

Install Docker EE


Docker EE for Windows requires Windows Server 2016 or later. SeeWhat to know before you install for afull list of prerequisites.

  1. Open a PowerShell command prompt, and type the following commands.

  2. Check if a reboot is required, and if yes, restart your instance:

    If the output of this command is Yes, then restart the server with:

  3. Test your Docker EE installation by running the hello-world container.

(optional) Make sure you have all required updates

Some advanced Docker features, such as swarm mode, require the fixes included inKB4015217(or a later cumulative patch).

Select option 6) Download and Install Updates.

Install a specific version

To install a specific Docker version, you can use theMaximumVersion,MinimumVersion or RequiredVersion flags. For example:

Update Docker EE

To update Docker EE on Windows Server 2016:

If Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP) is installed, run theUCP installation script for Windows.

Start the Docker service:

What to know before you install

  • What the Docker EE for Windows install includes: The installationprovides Docker Engine and theDocker CLI client.

About Docker EE containers and Windows Server

Looking for information on using Docker EE containers?

  • Getting Started with Windows Containers (Lab)provides a tutorial on how to set up and run Windows containers on Windows 10or Windows Server 2016. It shows you how to use a MusicStore application withWindows containers.

  • Setup - Windows Server 2016 (Lab)describes environment setup in detail.

  • Docker Container Platform for Windows Server articles and blogposts on the Docker website.

Docker For Windows 10 Pro

Where to go next

  • Getting started provides an overview ofDocker for Windows, basic Docker command examples, how to get help or givefeedback, and links to all topics in the Docker for Windows guide.

  • FAQs provides answers to frequently askedquestions.

  • Release Notes lists componentupdates, new features, and improvements associated with Stable and Edgereleases.

  • Learn Docker provides general Docker tutorials.

  • Windows Containers on Windows Serveris the official Microsoft documentation.

Docker For Windows Home Edition

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