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Docker is a popular container platform to run virtualized lightweight machines. Here we learn how to install Docker Engine and Compose on Alpine Linux using simple commands to run Containers.

Install Docker on Linux No matter your distribution of choice, you’ll need a 64-bit installation and a kernel at 3.10 or newer. Kernels older than 3.10 do not have the necessary features Docker requires to run containers; data loss and kernel panics occur frequently under certain conditions. How to move docker’s default /var/lib/docker to another directory on Ubuntu/Debian Linux 25 July 2018 13 May 2016 by Admin The following config will guide you through a process of changing the docker’s default /var/lib/docker storage disk space to another directory. Docker-latest: Some releases of RHEL and RHEL Atomic Host include a stable version of docker, docker and a later version, docker-latest. At any time you can run either one of them. For more information on docker and docker-latest, their differences, and switching between them, see Introducing docker-latest for RHEL 7 and RHEL Atomic Host. Installing Docker-CE in Redhat 8: Step 1: Open your Redhat 8 terminal. Your terminal would look like this. Also, make sure you are login as root. Step 2: Run the following commands. Cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ ls. Now you will see some files with.repo extension, as shown below. The Docker technology uses the Linux kernel and features of the kernel, like Cgroups and namespaces, to segregate processes so they can run independently.This independence is the intention of containers—the ability to run multiple processes and apps separately from one another to make better use of your infrastructure while retaining the security you would have with separate systems.

Alpine Linux is popular for its lightweight, security, and performance, hence widely used for installing Docker for creating containers using various Images available on Docker Hub. If you are an Alpine user and want to know how to use this container platform on Linux, here are the steps to follow.


  • Steps to install Docker Engine & Compose on Alpine Linux

Steps to install Docker Engine & Compose on Alpine Linux

Docker Run In Fedora

1. Run Alpine update

First, on the command line of this Linux, run the system update command to refresh the repository cache.

2. Install Docker Engine and Compose

Install docker in fedora

The packages to install Docker are already in the repository of Alpine Linux, hence we don’t need to add anything. Just use the APK package manager and install the required packages.

3. Start and enable Docker Service

Docker In Fedora 31

By default, the Docker service is not activated to run by the system automatically with every boot. Hence we have to do that manually, here are the commands to follow.

4. Add your Alpine user to the Docker group

If you are using any user other than root then you have to use sudo with every command of docker. To remove this inconvenience, you can add your system user to the Docker’s group.

5. Test Docker

Now, let’s test whether everything is working absolutely fine and would we be able to create containers or not. To check, here we are downloading the Ubuntu docker image to create a container for that.

Create container:

Start Container:

Switch and Access the installed Ubuntu Container root user:

Stop container:

Remove container

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Docker In Fedora

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