Docker Not Running On Windows 10

2/12/2022by admin
Docker Not Running On Windows 10
  • It is now possible to run Docker containers on Windows 10 and Windows Server, leveraging Ubuntu as a hosting base. Imagine running your own Linux applications on Windows, using a Linux distribution you are comfortable with: Ubuntu! It is now possible to do so using the power of Docker technology and Hyper-V virtualization on Windows.
  • MongoDB document databases provide high availability and easy scalability.

I admit it, I was not a friend of Oracle databases running in Docker containers for a long time. My database systems for testing and demo purposes were all running in VMware, Virtual Box or in the Oracle Cloud. But I have used the Windows Subsystem for Linux since beginning, to work with the Oracle Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI, Git Integration etc.. And what I really like is the WSL extension for Visual Studio Code which gives me to chance, to edit Ansible Vault files in Windows without any additional Linux based VM running.

However, this does not solve the problem. And sometimes, even restarting Windows won’t fix the problem. After some time, I found the root cause: Somehow WSL was set to version 1 instead of version 2. I’m not sure why, however the solution is super easy. Just run a command to set WSL to version 2 and then restart docker service. To use Docker on windows with WSL2 you need to enable virtualization on BIOS settings and configure WSL2 on Docker Desktop. Engjell Avdiu is a new contributor to this site. Take care in asking for clarification, commenting, and answering. Check out our Code of Conduct. Apr 28, 2021 The Problem. Recently I installed Docker for Windows on my local machine, running Windows 10 (latest version). It got installed successfully, as I installed using administrator privileges. Oct 01, 2021 For developers, Windows 10 is a great place to run Docker Windows containers and containerization support was added to the the Windows 10 kernel with the Anniversary Update (note that container images can only be based on Windows Server Core and Nanoserver, not Windows 10). For those of you, who used the Docker Toolbox on Windows earlier without Windows 10, the way to create the Docker Machine was the following command: docker-machine create -driver virtualbox Now, we do not have any VirtualBox setup on Windows 10 with native Docker for Windows and we wan’t to avoid that.

To install Docker on Windows, you can’t install the regular and new Docker for Windows, because you have Virtual Box installed! Docker run hello-world. You will see the.

With the update of the existing Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) architecture to version 2, the Docker Desktop for Windows is now fully integrated and able to run Docker container in WSL as a lightweight VM. Now it’s time to change my mind, why not use Docker to try out new Oracle features, do some development stuff and more?

What to we need to run Oracle databases in WSL 2 Docker Containers?

  1. WSL 2
  2. Docker Desktop for Windows
  3. Docker images with an Oracle Database – I may use the images (oehrlis/docker) from my workmate Stefan Oehrli ( merci vöumou

This blog post shows you how to setup WSL 2 to run Docker images. Sure, you can use the Oracle provided Docker images or self created images too. But I have verified the Oracle repository today, the Dockerfile version is 19.3.0. And I don’t have the passion, to create new Dockerfiles for example to run 19.8 and download additional RU software.

Installing Windows Subsystem 2 for Linux

Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux basic Functionality

Start Windows PowerShell as Administrator and enable WSL.