FS Gear & Attire

Adapted from https://coachdarren.co/2016/11/03/fses-personal-gears

Gear & Attire to prepare for a day in Forest School

Weather: Tropical
(Objective: Prevent catching cold from being drenched, Prevent excessive slips, Prevent Mozzie Bite, Prevent heat exhaustion)


Top – 
Airy T-shirt/Sports Jersey, Tights (Provide cover for heat and mozzie)

Tights and Long Sleeve Clothes –
Track Pants, Shorts with Tights (Preferably no shorts only)

Footwear –
Trekking Shoes/Boots, Wet Shoe/Booties, Barefoot (for mud and sand)

In both conditions, small backpack with water bottle, mozzie repellent, personal medication, cap/hat, poncho , a set of change of clothes and 2 ziplock bags should be carried at all times. It is advisable to put on dark coloured clothing to allow for easier washing time and effort at home (We understand the pain of muddy laundry for the mommies and daddies who have to do the laundry)