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SMMSKY is a very dangerous hijacker browser virus that is used mainly for hacking in iOS devices. This hijacker browser virus does hacking by providing low quality apps which have the hijacking feature inbuilt in them. One should never download or install an application from SMMSKY.CO as it might compromise the device security and steal or have your personal information. Let’s know more about SMMSKY App.

Safari App Apk Download

Safari app apk download
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What is Virus

Learn more about all the topics, resources, and contact options you need to download, update and manage your Safari settings.

SMMSKY.CO is a hijacking browser virus that deals and harms your device by getting installed in the form of low-quality apps on your iOS devices. Whenever you visit any third party website you might have faced some explicit or whenever you visit any third party website you might have faced some advertisement that opens in the new tab or window of your phone they are automatically opened and suggests you to download the app or sometimes it shows that your device has a virus and you need to clear it immediately. These are the kind of SMMK virus which one should stay away from as it might infect your device.

How to Remove Virus from iPhone

  1. You can remove the SMMSKY virus i’m your iPhone or iOS device by simply following the below given steps:
  2. If the virus has the screen pop-up named as don’t show more alerts from this web page then you’ll have to click on the check box before closing the ad that has been displayed on your screen.
  3. In case you shut down a pop up on your iPhone iPad or iPod and a block button appears then touch tap that button in order to refrain from watching those ads again on your device.
  4. If you are using Mac then you should forcibly close the Safari browser by command-option-esc button.
  5. Select the security icon and then choose block pop-up windows.
  6. This might help you close most of the pop-up ads or banner ads that are displayed on your screen.


This model works mainly to draw more traffic from some of the websites which are open on the Safari browser and chrome browser. Whenever you visit an untrusted website, ads like these are open on your browser screen. The working of ads depends on the redirecting of every site. This the SMMSKY.CO provides you some sort of money which is very low but it is due to continuous spamming until the person is using the iPhone.


TypeBrowser Hijacker Virus
Danger LevelMedium (contains a security risk to your device)
Symptoms The symptoms include in iPhone hijackers are automatic browser redirects and banner pop-ups.
Distribution MethodMost iPhone hijackers can be found as built-in features inside other applications (usually ones that are free or cheap).


This virus is not safe at all and is advised to stay far from this as it might potentially harm your iOs device. This Browser Hijacker virus also comes in some of the apps which when used shows the user an ad that he cannot close. This mainly happens in the browser window of chrome or Safari. Many people who are using the SMMSKY model put some of the pop-up ads and obstructive banners so that the viewer will have to tap on it, otherwise, it won’t go. The website which the viewer is redirected to may contain many viruses like Trojan etc.


You can download the apps or the Apk file for SMMSKY by visiting the link ->

Safari app apk pc

Note: This virus is not safe at all and is advised to stay far from this as it might potentially harm your iOs device. The information provided above is for informational purposes only. The information and links have been taken from the internet, hence we are not responsible for any information. Viewers are responsible for their actions themselves.


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