Coach Darren’s sports development programs are largely focused on team sports such as Basketball and Football. The programs focus on the character and value development of the players. We believe in building resilience in players in our programs, not necessary successful players. In the game of sports, there are always winners and losers. The beauty of the game is the pursuit of excellence, through putting in effort at the highest level. And amongst all that, we still may face gut wrenching failures, that put great souls onto their knees in tears.


In our program, we want our players to give their all, cry and get frustrated about the result, because they have set a standard for themselves by themselves. Because our players believe in their own ability. Because they believe they are that good. Pain and endurance are expected in our program. But, we do not forget about the fun and exciting times, when our players scored their first basketball, or complete through a set of drill which they failed 10 times without any discount from the coach, because we trust them.

Here at Coach Darren, we believe, we trust.

Listed below are the exisitng and upcoming programs and clubs we offer at Coach Darren

  • Buona Vista Ringers Basketball Club 
    (Basketball Group)
    (Individual Physical Development Session)
    (Gifted Physical Development Session)
  • Squirrel Ball
    (Pre-School Fundamental Movement Program)