The Profiles

Our love for sincerity and truth
Our experiences spans beyond education.
Our struggle are real
Our spirit are aware
Our quirkiness, cute


Last updated on 11 April 2018

Coach Darren

Head of Operation, Training & Marketing
Forest School Practioner Level 3

  • 10 years in the field of education
  • Spent 2 years as the Head of Physical Development in an Education Group
  • (Q) Loves annoying people

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Coach Darishna (Senior)

Head of Safety (Currently on sabbatical, position taken over by Darren)

  • 5 years in the field of education
  • Pioneer Coach of Forest School Singapore
  • (Q) Crazy over her pet guinea pig


Coach Zi Yun (Volunteer)

Head of Environment & Ecology

  • 9 years in the Military
  • Great Listener
  • (Q) Doesn’t believe in positivity motivation 


Coach Mindy (Senior)

Head of Curriculum Development
Designated for Forest School (Drop-Off)

  • 9 years in Home Management
  • Loves being with children
  • (Q) Anything Peppermint, I mean anything


Coach Shimin (Senior)

Writer & Editor

  • 10 years in the field of education
  • Former MOE school teacher, currently yoga teacher as well
  • (Q) Loves G-Dragon


Coach Gin (Senior)

Operation Manager
Designated for Forest Walk (Parents-Accompanied)

  •  7 years in the field of childbirth supports
  • Passionate in supporting births and breastfeeding
  • (Q) Evil mum of 2 (hehe)


Coach Adeline (Senior)

Designated for FS Punggol (In-Training to be FS Leader Level 3 Practioner)

  • 5 years in the field of education
  • Pre-School teacher for children aged 2 – 6 years old.
  • (Q) Random and Quirky “Ah Lian” (Ah Lian is an insert by editor) 


Assistant Coach Florence

Forest School Practitioner Level 2

  • 6 years in the field of Psychology and Education
  • Taught children with complex communication needs
  • (Q) Loves trying new extreme sports


Assistant Coach Chelsea

  • 2 years in early childhood education
  • Experience working with children with special needs
  • (Q) Have a super sweet tooth


Coach Ronghao

Designated for Forest Walk (Currently on Sabbatical)

  • 1 years in the field of Coaching (Currently on Sabbatical
  • Serve as a Navy Diver in the Military Service
  • (Q) Work in Progress……

Manager Germaine

Inquiries & Registration

  • 2 years in the field of education
  • Worked in Pathlight School (special needs school)
  • (Q) Scared of furry animals


Manager Shirleen

Invoice & Payment

  • 3 years in the event coordination service
  • Enjoys supporting behind the scene
  • (Q) Dislike attention


Manager Rebecca


  • 4 years in the field of education
  • Head Coach of Singapore Management University Girls Touch Rugby Squad
  • (Q) Love being a couch potato


Manager Yi Qi


  • 5 years in service industry
  • Experienced at delivering urgent work
  • (Q) Bottomless stomach