Basketball Training 2016

Its not just a sport here, it is a passion and believe

We conduct basketball programs for children and learners of various age group. These are the listed program we have on board, feel free to look us up for other training, developmental or competitive programs which you would like to have us work with you on.

Basketball Group Training

Team: Bouna Vista Ringers
Date: Every Monday
Time: 10.00am – 11.30am
Location: Buona Vista Community Club Level 2, Basketball Court
Fee: $250 per Term (10 sessions in a term)
Group Size: Maximum 15 (Vacancy for Term Four – 8 Seats)
Age Group: 6 years old – 10 years old
Contact ( or (91266624) to sign up



Individual Basketball

Date: Monday, Friday
Time: Book within 3pm-7pm
Location: Customised Location
Fee: $80/hr
Age Group: 3 years old –  21 years old
Special: Offer extends to children with various conditions
Contact ( or (91266624) to arrange a meet up