Forest Community Trek (2016)

“Mud is our face cream
Slopes are our playground
Scratches our trophy”



Forest Trekking brings urban living people in Singapore, into the vast vegetated forest of the Singapore Jungles. The trails are ever changing, with vegetation changing every 2 weeks. With close to 300 different routes in Rifle Range Road area alone, the trek will never be completely explored. The trek gives a sense of adventure and refreshing feeling to the hustle and bustle of the City life.

The forest trekking sessions helps to build a community of nature loving people. We hope to seed everyone, with the awareness and understanding of the beautiful environment which we have in Singapore no matter how muddy or concrete it seems. Most importantly, the journey into the natural environment, gives us urbanites, a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life, to allow our mind and spirit to rest, while our body gets naturally stimulated. The trekking in the forest has been proven to provide limitless benefits, that is greatly required in our urbanized lifestyle.

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For family and children, it is a great time to connect with each other, and give children a space that doesnt require parents to watch over the children that strictly. In the woods, where vegetation and terrain provides natural cushion and boundaries, children have always exhibited natural instinct to recognise what and where they could explore. Yes they may be muddy and “dirty” but isnt that what the kampong spirit is about =)

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Why Community Trek? Why with Coach Darren?

Exploration. Believe. Faith. The trek along the taken path is comfortable and expected. But with Coach Darren leading the trek, participants will experience routes and path they never thought possible. An explorer and adventurer himself, the Team of Coaches will ensure their safety and facilitate the exploration. Coach Darren himself is an experience trek guide, who have trek in various mountains and terrains.

The details of the trekking session are as follow:

Date: Sunday 
Time: 0900 hr – 1100 hr
Location: Rifle Range Area
Fee: $30/pax/day
(Fees can be waived, when you recommend 3 friends to the FSS Facebook Page

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*Special Customised Group/Individual Bookings are available on request
(Email to arrange seperately)