Vmware Fusion Install Macos

2/12/2022by admin
Vmware fusion install macos catalina

Vmware Fusion Install Macos From Recovery Partition

VMware Workstation is powerful for desktop virtualization. And the macOS version is now free for personal usage. Followed is the steps to register, download and install.

  1. Register and activate an account on vmware.com
  2. Download Fusion Player.
  3. Search for Fusion Player personal license page and register for it.
  4. Install the Fusion Player with the license.
  5. Download Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
  6. Install Ubuntu in Fusion Player.
    • Choose UEFI, NVMe, proper disk size
    • Prefer the manual mode over the express mode
    • Choose the Minimal installation
  7. Network
    • If NAT not work, change to Bridge
  8. Install VMware Tools
    • Select it in the menu to mount it
    • Copy the tar.gz to /tmp
    • Extract it and run the perl script
    • Configure shared folders, they will be mounted as /mnt/hgfs.
    • And it says open-vm-tools is better
      • sudo apt install open-vm-tools
      • sudo apt install open-vm-tools-desktop
      • It may not work as expected :-(
    • Can also visit Computer in File Explorer using user/passwd if SMB is turned on in macOS.
  9. Install development tools
    • vscode
    • git
    • gcc, gdb, g++
    • clang-format
    • cmake etc.

Normal Installation. To install VMware Tools in a Windows virtual machine: Start the virtual machine. Wait for the Operating System to load, and log in. In the menu bar, go to Virtual Machine Install VMware Tools. A dialog box opens. Click Next to progress through the installation. Select Complete unless you are excluding. Launch VMWare Fusion (the instructions here are for version 7). Click on File - New and choose to Install from disc or image. Click on Use another disc or disc image and choose your.iso file with the Ubuntu image. Choose Easy Install, fill in password, and check the box for sharing files with the host operating system. Jun 23, 2020 Install macOS Big Sur 11 on VMware Fusion & Parallels Desktop How To Install macOS Big Sur on VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop. Like clockwork, Apple delivers a new macOS every year. MacAdmins need to start testing the new OS right way. Running the new os in a virtualized environment is the way to go.

Vmware Fusion Install Macos Download


What Is Fusion Install

Thanks VMware Inc. for the great software and the free license.

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